26 February 2013

WHY Interactive Technologies? #1 - Curiosity and Play

Thinking through rationale for the value of engaging students in their learning process with SMARTboards and/or websites/apps for a training this Friday and ran across this video.

Obviously in the daily ebb and flow of your classroom you're going to aim a little lower than giant interactive art installation, but here are some things I'm going to start asking myself every morning before I start the day:

Is there anything playful in my lessons today? Are there any elements that are going to pique someone's interest to want to touch or explore? Is there anything here to grab anyone's attention?

You find out within your first couple months teaching that some of your best efforts at lesson planning sometimes crash and burn, so the end result of daily interactivity is not the point. Rather, the effort is what flexes those creative muscles (and keeps me from being bored in class...)