02 September 2020

Use an iPad or iPhone For a Whiteboard in Your ZOOM Virtual Classroom

 Are you teaching from home while your document camera is at school? Trying to use a whiteboard behind you but worried that the text is too small for kids to read? Just wish you had more functionality for your whiteboard, like bringing in PDFs to annotate in your meeting?

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can share screen in your ZOOM meeting and connect your Apple device to the meeting! 

As I was starting to write this post, I actually remembered ZOOM has had this functionality for at least 9 years! When I was first given an iPad2 by my district in 2011 I used to connect my iPad to my desktop computer so I could go through examples while I stood out of the way of my students, in the back of the room!

Worried your iPad/iPhone might be too old? This screenshare feature works with any device that can run the ZOOM app - my iPad mini is at least 7 years old! 

Here's the tutorial:

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