24 June 2011

Browser-based Interactive Whiteboard Software - Desmos

Have you ever...
  • Panicked because your interactive whiteboard's software stopped working?
  • Wished you could edit your whiteboard lessons from home without installing more software?
  • Wished you could share/email your whiteboard lesson to a parent or student with the same interactivity they would have with your file in class? (NOT a pdf, .doc, or ppt)
  • Wanted to embed your lesson content on your class blog or website?
  • Wanted an easy to use graphing calculator online?
Web start-up Desmos recently presented at TechCrunch Disrupt with a browser-based solution to interactive whiteboard software that is not dependent on any branded hardware OR software.  Our district uses SMART Notebook and can port those lessons at express.smarttech.com, which I've used this summer on the laptop I'm projecting from that doesn't have the software installed.  It's better than nothing, but its functionality is scaled down dramatically to basically opening files, inserting text, and drawing freehand.  You can't even insert images.

The software is still in alpha testing (as of the end of May), but I've applied for an account and hopefully will be able to play before the new school year starts.

Oh, BTW, I haven't even gotten to the graphing calculator that IS already live! (Which may end up being an even bigger deal; color-coded, cartesian and polar coordinates, zooming, sharing, integration with the whiteboard app)

Here's some video:
Graphing calculator -

Desmos founder, Eli Luberoff, at TechCrunch Disrupt -

You can read the original article from TechCrunch here.

Things you might also be interested in:
Other online graphing calculators:
graph.tk - HTML 5 grapher.  Color-coding, zooming, screenshots
Graph Drawer  - color-coding, point and function plotting, save as .png, not as user-friendly

Other whiteboard tools:
express.smarttech.com - Create basic SMART Notebook files and open any previously saved
www.dabbleboard.com - Doodle freehand and make shapes, insert images, sharing