23 August 2023

Drafting Math Class Expectations/Norms Using Clips from Movies and TV

What's it mean to be a "mathematician"?

How can we be kind to each other (and ourselves!) as we study in class in order for everyone to thrive?

How do mathematicians work together?

How do mathematicians communicate?

Since it's Back to School season for me, it's that time of the year when I try to reinvent the wheel once again (I'm a glutton for punishment) and reimagine/examine how I can set the culture of Algebra class from Day 1.  Below is a playlist of 9 clips from TV and movies that feature characters doing or talking about math that I am going to show to prompt discussion in my classes. Once kids have watched the clips and reflected on them in small groups, we'll take their ideas and begin to craft them into class expectations for success!

I also created a notetaker for kids to jot down their individual ideas as they watch. I hope this will help them remember what they were thinking and process with the group!

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