02 July 2018

Why Take a Course on Administrating Gifted Programs?

Full disclosure: The motivation for taking this course after already completing my coursework for gifted certification was so I can move up the salary scale in my district. I do, however, want to shout-out to Truman State University in Missouri for offering this course online!

I look forward to the targeted research and intentional reflection but have no current aspirations for administering a gifted program, so I'm just here for the learning and to be a more knowledgeable teacher-leader when we make curriculum decisions at the STEAM Academy specifically, and for gifted students in general in my school district.

This intro video details a bit of my story as an educator, my professional learning the past year, and features a cameo from my oldest son, waiting for us to go home from the summer program with Gifted Resource Council we're a part of in St. Louis.