18 February 2013

20 Ways to Use ONE iPad in Your K-12 Classroom

ONE iPad can change your teaching. Do you believe it? In a lot of ways, I think my teaching transformed more when I had only my own iPad than when I got the class set a few months later.
students gather around their teacher's ipad
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Here are just 20 ways you can use your ONE iPad (or iPod, or iPhone) to enhance your teaching and open your classroom.

  1. Scanner - handwritten notes on paper, old paper originals from curriculum, student work examples (Camscanner, GeniusScan)
  2. Document camera
  3. Mobile IWB (Airsketch)
  4. Podcasting - you OR your students
  5. Large screen graphing calculator
  6. Creating tutorials (for assessment or flipping the class) - (Explain Everything, ShowMe, Educreations)
  7. Timer for pacing work 
  8. 2-3 students catching up on assignments/notes from absences
  9. Student trips to the "library" - collection of reference texts (iBooks, Kindle, Google Play)
  10. Super Stick Pick can with differentiated Bloom's question prompts (Stick Pick)
  11. Texting students/parents class updates (Remind 101)
  12. Monitoring backchannel while your main machine runs presentation (Today'sMeet, PollEverywhere, Twiddla, Wiffitti)
  13. Automatic rubric scoring of student presentations/projects with Google forms
  14. Dictate notes on student performance or parental contact (Dragon Dictation)
  15. Administrative tasks - gradebook/seating chart/behavior and learning notes (TeacherKit)
  16. Videoconferencing (FaceTime, Skype, Google+)
  17. Writing a collaborative story (Google Docs, Twiddla, Mad Libs, Popplet, StoryBuilder, Toontastic)
  18. Running Prezi/SlideRocket/PowerPoint remotely
  19. Interactive globe (Google Earth)
  20. Card/Dice/Marble simulator for probability experiments or random number generation (Natural Dice, Best Chance)
Anything to add to the list? How have you used your iOS device for your students?

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