05 March 2013

#flipclass Tip: Bundle Your Tutorials in a Playlist

You're dipping your toe into the flipped class model. You're previewing videos and sculpting guiding questions. You're creating your own tutorials. Maybe your students are, too.

Now where's the best place to put them all? Email? Class website? Link on the whiteboard? Tweet? Text message?

Wherever you put them, the most important piece is consistency. If your students know they can return to the trough, they'll keep coming back for more. (This is true of sharing amongst resources with any target audience, really.)

Before you get burned out on making sure you embed/link/tweet out the newest video every day, let me offer this suggestion:

Bundle relevant #flipclass videos together in YouTube playlists.

Benefits to bundling:

  • You'll be able to add new videos to the playlist directly from YouTube
  • Students can see a sequence in material and develop their own connections between content
  • Related videos on a topic/chapter are within the playlist, keeping your students' eyes on the content you've picked for them
  • Instead of embedding or sharing new links to videos daily, you can embed or share the link to the playlist only as often as you change chapters/topics. (Bonus points for teacher efficiency!)

Here's how to do it: 

An example of my own:

Here I've previously grouped together trig tutorials for my Functions students from my favorite YouTube tutor, PatrickJMT