10 February 2015

Engaging Your Students With 3-Act Math Stories

You want your students engaged and invested in the math work they're doing, right?

Are sweating common core-style performance events that require kids to go make decisions about what information they need, and then successfully gather that info?

Are you looking for something more memorable to do with your students than "page 412, #34"?

Enter 3-Act Math Stories, a collection of open-ended, perplexing math stories (think of it as a word problem with all of the structure stripped away). The movement was begun and is being led by +Dan Meyer

3-Act Stories are what have me most excited curricularly in math this year, so when given a chance to put together something for METC this year, I knew that's what I was going to choose.

Links 3-Act Math Stories:
101qs.com - Dan Meyer created site to manage crowdsourcing creation of stories
threeacts.mrmeyer.com - Google Sheet of Dan Meyer (and others) stories aligned to CCSS standards
Three Acts Livebinder - Popular stories, reading and videos for training teachers

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