22 July 2014

My Pledge: 2014

As I've been preparing to mentor a new teacher this year, I've been trying to refine what I think makes a "good teacher." While content knowledge is important to teaching with confidence and communicating relevance of a particular topic, its on the bottom of my priorities. Kids may add "he knows math," to a list of reasons I might be a good teacher, but more important to impacting my students is the way I communicate that knowledge through the words I say, my creativity in instruction, and my persistence to care - even when they don't.

I've yet to meet my new "protege" - I'm sure she's got the content knowledge she needs to cover her course load, but even if she didn't, that's not something I can really impact. She'll pick it up as she preps for her lessons. Where I aim to mentor is in helping her know her strengths, her students' needs, and how to stitch the twain together.

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