15 March 2010

Lessening My Lesson Load

This photo was taken from my camera phone right after 1st hour was over.  I read pieces of a book over Christmas Break called Never Work Harder Than Your Students, and those few pages did a lot to free my time and rethink the priorities of my time in the classroom.  I think it has improved my instruction because I've had to be more creative in order to present my lessons with "less" work.

One factor that significantly contributes to my workload is rewriting notes and homework assignments on a different board when I move between the 3 different classrooms I travel to.  Using the SMARTboard for notes and interactive tools alleviates some of this hourly repetition, but if the computer is down or the server is slow, then I end up having to use the whiteboard and rewriting notes in subsequent classrooms.

The kids give me some trouble over having my cellphone out, but I think it models good mobile device use, which is a good thing.


  1. Very cool! You know, what I really want is a voice override program for IPods et al. I really don't mind if my kids are listening to music while they draw or paint, after all I do that too, but it does drive me crazy if I need to talk to them and I know they're not hearing me. Apple, are you listening? I need an app for that!

    1. We're closer to your dream with the volume controls on the earpod wire, but I'm ready to throw some iPods out the door if I have to repeat instructions one more time because a kid was sneakin their earbuds and I didn't see them so I could make sure they heard me. LOL


Thanks for sharing!