22 January 2013

Return on Investment: What Messages Are Your Classroom Tech Policies Sending?

I had a new student in class today; he transferred from a different high school in the area. His old district is very similar to ours demographically and economically, but I think our leadership has made courageous, difficult decisions on where to invest budgets, and it has paid off in higher academic success for our students.

We got the iPads out first thing, and this is how it went.

a new student has an excited reaction
Really big left arm unintentional... LOL

I don't know much about this student than his name and a vague description of what he was doing in Algebra 2 at his old school, but I know he knows that our district values equity in opportunity for our students. I'm unsure how he feels about his past, but I hope tonight he feels optimistic about his educational future.

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