21 October 2012

Tech Tip: Get More Out Of Your SMARTBoard By Changing Defaults

This SMARTBoard tip really upped the customization factor for me.

Did you know you can change the default colors of your pens and backgrounds? I stumbled upon this by accident one day and kept with it because I was inspired by the white text on black (or dark) backgrounds that Salman Khan uses on all of his Khan Academy videos.

I found out after the fact that my default changes did not only apply to my profile on the server, but to anyone logging in to that machine with that SMARTBoard, so my friend that was sharing the room with me that year was in for quite a surprise the next hour when she went to write with what she thought was a black pen on the default white background. So if you're sharing the hardware, inform your colleagues, and make sure its a change you can all agree on.

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