10 October 2014

10 Writing Prompts for Exit Slips

Exit slips are, of course, a great means of quick, formative assessment over your day-to-day lessons in class. Writing is a means to trigger students' brain to memory and learning connections. Let's do 'em together!
  1. "Describe something you previously misunderstood about _______ that was clarified in this lesson."
  2. "Give two tips for remembering how to _______."
  3. "Give a title and two section headings to your work/the notes for today's lesson."
  4. "How would you describe today's lesson to my five year old when she asks what the kids learned today?"
  5. (After putting up the graph of a function with each axis labeled): "What would this graph tell us about the relationship between the variables?"
  6. Have students answer any of the unit essential questions (this is good for PLC pre and post data, too)
  7. "How did something we learned about ______ help your understanding of ______ today?"
  8. (After putting up a solution to an exercise). Evaluate this student's work. If the student was wrong, make an inference about where he went wrong or what he needs to relearn.
  9. Did today's class rock or suck? Explain your choice with two reasons.
  10. Make a list of as many content-specific words we used today. Define their meaning in the context of today's lesson.

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