16 May 2014

Does Paper Get Your Students' Attention?

We've had online grades for several years in our district, and some students and families check and keep track of their progress almost to a point of obsession. However, I have a larger sample of students who either rarely check Edline, or "don't have Edline," which means, "it never bothered me enough to go downstairs to technology and get my information."

All that goes to say, no matter how consistently I update their online grades, or how many digital resources I give my students for help or for projects, many of them seem to respond with much more urgency to a piece of paper. It almost seems that anything digital gets lost in the clutter of Snapchats and iMessages.

I'm reminded of this cartoon that I think anyone over the age of 25 can relate to.
from poofytoo.tumblr.com
Has the novelty of ubiquitous access to information already dulled so much that the paper-based teacher has more opportunity for influence with some of our students?

Technology is no longer novel - what's next?
Although its definition continues to evolve, we've seen the rise of the "techie-teacher" to a place where its not really a unique role anymore. The popularity of Pinterest and "crafty" websites like it lead me to think the "artisan-teacher" is the next realm. The "artisan-teacher" uses paper almost ironically. Purposefully. Not because he or she has to, but because it gives an extra touch of personality to their craft.

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