06 October 2017

Check Out These Tips for Searching In Google Drive

How's the organization on your Google Drive looking? Kind of like your desk?

I suspect that most folks' Google Drive models their organization in real life - if you've got everything physical filed away perfectly, you probably have a similar organization digitally. If you have NOTHING physical filed away, your Drive is probably nearly folder-less. My Drive is a mixture of the two, which basically means, I know better than to NOT organize, but often fail at it and just keep all the files in the huge main "My Drive" folder, which is the same as piles on your desk, I think.

That doesn't mean I'm not without my conventions and methods.

I try to name similar purposed files using a similar structure. For instance, my notes each week for the graduate class I'm taking currently are all named, "Gifted Class - mm/dd/yyy"

When planning projects, the FIRST thing I do is make a folder. Okay, not always, but when I do, its really helpful. You'll save a ton of time when kids ask you to reshare those directions or rubric for the nth if you don't have to search your computer for that for the nth time.

Use the specific Slides, Docs, or Sheets URLs. If I know that the file I need is a certain filetype, I'll often go to the URL specific to those to hide the clutter of those other files from my view. For example, the Slides URL is slides.google.com. This is probably a more cumbersome method of just searching in Drive by filetype, but this helps me to declutter my thinking and focus on the task at hand.

I think these methods are helpful for my digital workflow, but their utility is all predicated on the fact that I plan on SEARCH being my "organization" method in the first place.

Check out these search tips from Kasey Bell at Shake Up Learning to make your search more powerful!
Shake Up Learning - 8 Fantastic Ways to Find Anything In Google Drive

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